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We service 28 Texas Counties. Please call us for quotes on services not listed below, including commercial appraisals.

Bruce Martin is FHA APPROVED.

Call (936) 628-2191 for our appraisal fees and turn times.

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When we quote a fee and it is unknown, unclear or not disclosed at the time quoted and upon our research and/or inspection we discover the subject is a mobile home or is otherwise grossly different than initial information provided after a fee is quoted and approved, we reserve the right to and will resubmit a fee correction for approval prior to transmittal of the report.

Depending on difficultly of job, turn time requested or other unusual appraisal requests, our fees vary from county to county and are subject to change.

A verbal fee quote received from us on an appraisal is valid only for the day the quote is received; we should receive an appraisal request order the day of the quote (otherwise the quote is subject to change); written quotes are valid for 5 days unless otherwise stated in writing and like the verbal quotes are subject to change after the 5 day period or if upon inspection the subject is grossly different than initial information provided to us at the time of the quote.

Our most recent fee schedule is dated revised as of August 1, 2013.  Prior fee schedule prices are not valid.  If you need a current fee schedule or quote, please call or email us and we will be happy to send one to you.

Thank you for your business!  We care and our work product shows it!


Ask us about commercial appraisals.

Bruce E. Martin

General Appraiser/Cert. #TX-1321092-G


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